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Creating an external facade configurator

LAPEYRE, a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain, specializes in the manufacture and sale of products for the home, the general public and professionals. In order to offer more services online to its customers / prospects, Lapeyre wants to set up a new configurator of exterior walls in augmented reality. This tool allows to highlight the Lapeyre product catalog via a real user experience for the future customer. This application must be available on desktop and tablet.


An iPad application, to realize its project

Product Database

Establishment of a product database with the creation of a 3D image bank of the whole range of exterior joinery.

The tablet application

Developed under an Adobe Air technology of the application, adapted tablet and desktop (all browsers). Interconnection of the application with the product database, in order to allow users to build their project with the products of the LAPEYRE catalog updated. A simple and intuitive customer experience with the possibility to record various projects ... A drive-to-store system: for each project built, all the references of the products used are specified with a geolocation of the stores closest to the user.


UX / Design
Création graphique
Direction Architectures 3D


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Sélection macaron mobile
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