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The presentation of products must be more 'greedy'

NUBI is an independent brand of artisanal desserts sold at central purchasing centers and distributed in sandwich shops and pizzerias.

In 2016, NUBI uses the Marquetis agency to redesign its website and accompany the company in its communication. The website must be responsive and available in English and French but above all allow a simple and effective contact with professionals in the sector.


With each dessert its universe!

• The reception in the site is done by a slider fullscreen containing slides always composed in the same way but with a colorful and iconagraphic universe specific to the spirit of each product.

• A product page that looks like a pop-in to make the site more dynamic.

• Access to simple and immediate product categories on the homepage.
• Creation of Nubi stories to reinforce immersion in the brand universe.


Conception / UX Design
Direction de Création


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